hi guys, its annecy. I’m currently at my new apartments lobby bc my apt has no wifi. I can’t do this. heres some Hamilton songs I rlly like rite now.

If the World was Wide Enough

Who Lives, Who Dies, Who Tells Your Story

sigh. I like more but… I rlly like this book called Paris Pan Takes the DARE with a dorky name, but its good I guess. someone suggest me music or all ill b hearing is Lana del ray and Hamilton and the Beatles. and 80s. sigh again. I guess ill go. byeeeeeeeeeeee

hallo im Daniella annecys frand just saying hiiiiii puppies r amaze lollipops luv luv baiiiiii

dani plz. k yeti emailed me this and I’m like “k but I need post something” so the happened btw I got watercolor pencils and new paper so I might do a tutorial soon cuz all I can do is take pics anyway. I rlly like them and they r the faber-castell eco watercolor pencils grip. they have a weird bumpy grip thing but whatevs. I also had the Hogwarts alumni bag 4 school and I luvvvv it. I got new multi media paper too. I suck at drawing centaurs but they r the real unicorns. I made a Kool painting? art thingy?? which I like so I mite post that and a drawing challenge of my essential supplies. either way, art. and I’m planning on doing loren’s CWWC but I’m moving so it may b hard. I RLLY wanna do it tho… team HP or LOTR 4 life! btw I just did a LARP FanWar camp. look it up. gtg bai

bai!!!!! yelli out!!!!

annecy ( I am at loss of a signoff)


Things//: a poem which sucks

Hi, I am back with more cringe worthy stuff. This time it’s poetry. Enjoy…

my things

s t u f f e d in every c o r n e r 

over filling this sea of c l e a r   s p a c e 

I w a i t for the right moment to t o s s 

The m e m o r i e s in the t r a s h 

And I wait

For my love to come back

I don’t even know what this is. It’s really bad. I’ll probably be posting a lot of these kinds of things. So here’s another one.

I just love it

But it’s not


I use it

But it’s 

Not mine. I will

Hold it dear even if it does

Not belong to me

And this just 

Tells me

What I need to do.

I kind of did this from all the photos I love, that are not mine. I really have no touch today. Please, just ignore this.

Ps I love this pic of me and it’s way too big bye

Artsy Blah// Sorry 4 Being Ded// I’m alive// Random Stuff I Classify as Art// Sorry

Wow. Aren’t I amazing at TITLES. Not. But seriously. It’s almost been a year since I posted on here. I’m so sorry! If you even care. But anyway. I draw so much, and I kinda wanted to make this blog for art as well as random stuff. Let’s hit it!

This is my original character Maple. I didn’t color her in here. 

I copied her with my printer and colored her with my Ohuhu alcohol markers. I really like how this turned out! Her eyes turned out pretty cute.

This totally bled when I colored it with my markers, and her eyes are really weird. I need to sketch on this page more.

I think this pic of Maple is pretty cute. I drew her as a little kid, but I draw children way better now. The doll is Maple’s old doll, Mabel. 

This was where I was making a math problem with Maple in class. This is also the first drawing of Maple’s BFF Lilli!

Here’s some more of me developing Lilli. The pink sketch is my doll May. I think it turned out super cute!

This page is kinda weird. I failed at drawing Ron, but Harry and Hermione are good. Hermione’s hair is SO FUN to draw! And Lilli… let’s just ignore that, shall we? I also drew a girl that looks like how I used to draw. I actually drew WORSE than that. Way worse!

Here, I was drawing Lilli again, but I don’t really like it. I also drew me and my BFF. Macy is so cute in the drawing! It’s one of my favs. Me… it doesn’t look like me. Oh well! I think Luna and the two Cho’s at the bottom of the page look like monkeys, but Luna is okay. Thetop Cho turned out pretty good!

I won’t bore you any more, because I could go on forever and ever! This is Maple portraying emojis. This was so fun to draw! I may do it with my new character(s. They are sisters. Maggie is the oldest, then Meg, then Margot, and the youngest.). 

Sneak peek! I did a drawing of Z on the other page with my BFF Macy’s Ohuhu markers. Bye!

P.S. I am currently (and forever) obsessed w/ Star Trek.

Things to Love-July

No pics are mine except for one

1. The Fourth, of course!


2. Pools


3. Outdoors


4. Writing


5. And lastly, face reveals! Tell me if you want me to do one!


Challenge five

The sisters sat on their usual spots on the stairs near the door.They saw me creeping toward it, sneaking my path there.  Earlier, they couldn’t make up their minds on to let me through or not. I could hear them whispering and staring at me intently.


I made a squeak on the ground, and the oldest raised her finger to her lips. “Don’t do it, I say.” She only whispered, and the other two even softer. The last one seemed to breathe the words she spoke.

“Nooo…” She breathed. The smallest one this time.

“I wouldn’t…touch…or go…in” The second smallest one trailed. Now I was directly in front of the door. The words scratched into the door, covered with locks, now made sense to me. It was true.


The world wasn’t safe anymore, because of all the hate. Everyone. And since everyone hated  one another, if you went past the border, you were gone forever. Nobody ever made it back, and we do not know if they are alive. We presume that they are dead. I thought about all this, and decided the most fatal decision I could possibly even make. I’ll do it. I want to find out. 

I suddenly felt a cold hand on my shoulder as I opened the door and stepped through, closing my eyes.


“No one ever comes back if they stray past the border, what lies beyond is unknown. But you will know.”


CWWC challenge four story


She ran and ran through the deep, wooded, thicket. Nobody could stop her. She was mumbling whispers, keeping her hands straight in front of her. “Nobody, nobody. Nobody can drag me down.” She sang. The song had a sweet melody, but she kept whispering. “Don’t touch. Dangerous girl, no no.” What was she? “The whisperer is back. You can’t bring me down. You may be cunning, but it is brave, it is brutal, it is relentless, and it is hunting us. You may be tall and powerful, but join us! So we can fight them.”


Then they came to her, found her, for she stopped whispering. And then she died.

This story was over five million years ago, although she was buried on earth, in California, but now, it is the year 2019 and we all know it. Nobody was sure if she was dead. It is now winter, and Karana Swent is the new whisperer. She has chosen her to guide us.

Karana’s POV (perspective)

I wept, running out my house’s door. “Karana! Come back here! You will scream in terror, but you cannot hide! I will come!” No, not her. Not coming back. I needed to go. For some odd reason, when I whispered something, I could basically have mind control. It sure wasn’t in my family, because nobody could change my mind about  anything at all. Not now, go away, away! I thought. I had to escape. I finally reached where I was headed; the graveyard.


I dropped down onto the dirt path in front of a certain grave, so old, but so special. I didn’t know why, but I went to her for help. She could move me from worlds in my dreams, so why not in reality? Could she trap me in a dream? I didn’t know.

“Hello. For years, you have wondered why you are special. You are the whisperer, and I will now move you to the right part of the world, My World.”


CWW Challenge three

Jaclynn, Jaclynn…

The voice rang in my ears. My eyes slowly flickered to life, leaving me in somewhere. I wasn’t sure where. I stood, knocking over my backpack. “Note to self: find out where you are.” I said to myself. I looked around, and walked forward. Ouch! My thigh suddenly had a throbbing pain and I looked down. A sight. Here be faeries. 


Odd. What were faeries? Fairies? Nah.  Then, the voice came again.

Jaclynn, Jaclynn. Don’t let me down, down, down…

Um, weren’t those the words to a popular song, Don’t let me down? Yep. I reapeated the words out loud. Oh! Look down! I looked down, and saw a tiny creature barely hovering above the ground. As I bent down, the tiny thing grabbed my finger that I was holding out.

“Hello.” It stated quite simply, brushing off it’s shoulders.  “I” I stared at it. It talked? Well, it did look like a minature human being. “am a faerie. A fairy, as you might say. Said like so; fa-eir-ie. I am Dextar. You are?” I gaped at this little faerie. That was odd. I was almost one hundred percent sure that this place was magical. “You guessed it. Most likely.” Now I was almost scared. It could read my mind?! “First of all, stop calling me an it.  I am a him. Boy. Male. Man. Second of all, I can read your mind, yes. Deal. And last, WHAT IS YOUR NAME?!” Jaclynn. My name is Jaclynn. I thought you knew that! Dextar sighed. “Of course I knew. I can read your mind, just as I said.” Ooookk…  I slung my fallen backpack over my shoulder.

“How do I get to Los Altos, California? Sorry, but I need to go.” I sighed again. My hand creeped up my neck to my head, where I just itched an itch.

“Not so fast!” Dextar whirled around in the air, surprising me and knocking me off of my feet. “You are staying. We will give you wings and you will permanetly become a faerie. Forever.”

I shrieked. “No!” Dextar gave me an evil look. Yes, I will. Promise. What was I thinking? No, no, I dont promise! Never! Ever! Dextar looked at me again and I suddenky had a devil of a headache. I ran into a nearby woods and heard Dextar leave. A beautiful turquiose butterfly swooped up to me. “Oh, if only I could be you, no evil faeries, no cruel worlds. Just you and beauty and love and care.” The butterfly flew away. Suddenly, a swarm of those butterflies came over to me, dragging me away and stinging at my skin. I called out Dextar’s name in the silence, like he would actually here, like he woukd actually care.

This is why faeries rule over those who are low. Become one, join us, Jaclynn.

My challenge #2 story/poem

I stood. Or sat. The classroom. Empty. Only me. I held the package that was laying on the desk. It had my name! No, wait… Yes.  I smoothed my finger over the scrawled letters. “Simone Waverly”, it read. Turning over the box, inspecting it, my gaze fell on the right side. In the same messy, scratching handwriting, it said, “BAD MEMORIES. DO NOT OPEN.” Listen to the words, don’t do it. I chanted to my self a song my mother had sang to me when I was little. Now I began to sing out loud. ” Take the path on the right, the path that leads to gold, or sunshine. Take the path for your heart, take the path, take it. Take the path that won’t end in a muck, the path without a bath,-” I stopped. My hands were shaking as I lifted the lid off of the box. I gasped. All of them. Coming. Back. I heard a voice, crackling, small, sacred, creepy. “She needed a hero. So she became one. But she never did…” I made a short and silent prayer, wondering how.  Just how ANYTHING in the entire world happened. Tears streamed down my face. The thought of when Mandy Shmidt shoved me in a well on our class field trip, and how they didn’t find me until five hours later. Mandy was my BFFCLWY, a best friend forever couldn’t live withought ya. Mandy left and a new thought went into my brain. Why did I do it! My body seemed to scream. Then, as an interruption, the night came. And my whole world went black.

So that is my entry for Loren’s CWW second challenge. I didn’t do the first one, so I kinda feel guilty. 😁 But I hope that Loren wasn’t too upset. I don’t think sooo… Oh well. Here are the prompts I used:




Hey! Today I sighned up for NaNoWriMo! It starts on Nov. 1st and continues for the whole month. You write a novel in 30 DAYS! WAHOO! Yes, I cannot wait, and yes, it will not happen for a while. But I’ll prep. My username is Annecy! have any of you done NaNoWriMo? If so, what is your name? I’m new, so yeah. Toodeloo!